Systems and Hardware for Cavity-Stabilized Lasers

Stable Laser Systems offers laser frequency stabilization products which deliver exceptional performance without compromising ease of use. For the first time, an off-the-shelf solution is available for mounting and temperature control of high-finesse Fabry-Perot cavities, bringing you hundreds of hours closer to your research goals. Drawing on decades of combined expertise and research in laser frequency stabilization, we can assist you in choosing and characterizing the right cavity, provide you with an optimized mount and vacuum housing (including customized temperature controllers), as well as fiber-to-cavity coupling optics.

Our close partnership with Advanced Thin Films allows us to design matched housings for their world-class cavities. We also offer turnkey frequency stabilized laser systems based on high quality lasers, both at standard wavelengths and customized to your application. Whether you need 1 Hz linewidth in the laboratory, or 1 kHz in the field, we can help you get there (and stay there) quickly.

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Mark Notcutt has spent years in laboratories working on these systems. Jan Hall offers guidance. Advanced Thin Films is the leading manufacturer of high Finesse Fabry-Perot cavities for laser frequency stabilization.

Together, as Stable Laser Systems, we can help you frequency stabilize your laser. We are in touch with leading research to bring you the latest solutions, vibration insensitive geometric designs and optimal performance.

Fabry Perot vacuum housing for laser frequency stabilization

The vacuum housing for an Advanced Thin Films spherical Fabry-Perot cavity (ATF 6300).

Our turnkey system comes with software to allow control direct from your laptop.

The standard system offers a stabilized laser linewidth of 3Hz or better, with less than 100 kHz of daily drift at room temperature. We can also custom design a system to your exact needs, at wavelengths ranging from the visible through near IR.