Our Product range

Stable Laser Systems is proud to offer a wide product line, focusing on cavity stabilized lasers with narrow linewidth and ultra-stable drift characteristics. Accessories for laser stabilization are our forte, and other products are available, capitalizing upon our expertise in optical cavity design, mounting, and isolation. Our major products are described below. Please contact us directly for more details or to find out about our custom capabilities.

Please contact us for any laser frequency stabilization or stable cavity request. We have many years of experience working with researchers and applied settings on narrow linewidth light sources for frequency standards, atomic physics, optical clocks, quantum computing, radar, interferometry, metrology, precision spectroscopy and more!

Complete systems

Integrated Stabilized Laser Systems : SLS-INT-1550-100-3

This turnkey 3Hz linewidth stabilized laser offers excellent stability in a convenient rackmount box. We've integrated a high-finesse Fabry-Perot cavity, a temperature-controlled vacuum housing, vacuum pump, optics, input laser, and control electronics into a 3U high rackmount box, while maintaining the frequency stability for which our products are known. With a frequency noise linear spectral density of 1Hz/√Hz, this system is suitable for applications such as microwave generation and laser radar. Once the laser has been tuned to be coincident with the cavity frequency, a single-switch lock function engages the loop filter to stabilize the laser. An easy-to-read front panel displays laser current and temperature, cavity temperature, reflected power from the cavity, and loop filter & vacuum parameters, with analog outputs for transmitted cavity power, error signal, and ramp sync signal. A fiber pigtail output and monitor panel software for laser control make the system easy to integrate and use.

Everything about this integrated frequency stabilized laser has been designed to deliver the best performance in the most convenient way, from the low power consumption and battery backup to the onboard display. We put all of our experience into each system so that you can spend your time on your experiments, not your equipment. Our systems give you the frequency you need – guaranteed.

  • Full specification
  • Auto-lock is in development to eliminate manual tuning of the laser to the cavity frequency. Should the unit be bumped or jarred, automatic re-lock will engage to re-stabilize the laser.
  • The system will arrive aligned and under vacuum. The ion pump is equipped with battery backup to minimize the need for additional pumps after shipping or movement of the system.
  • A 1Hz linewidth system is available upon request in a 5U high rackmount box.
Turnkey 3Hz linewidth stabilized laser Turnkey 3Hz linewidth stabilized laser


Turnkey 3Hz linewidth stabilized laser


Breadboard Stabilized Laser Systems : SLS-1550-200-1

Our turnkey laser systems are the first of their kind in the field. They allow you to get a high performance frequency stabilized laser up and running in your lab quickly. With a quality high stability laser at its core, each system boasts a fully characterized ATFilms cavity mounted in a perfectly matched vacuum housing that is thermally controlled and monitored. Vibration isolation ensures rock-solid frequency stability. A fiber pigtail output and monitor panel software for laser control make the system easy to integrate and use. Our standard systems offer a stabilized laser linewidth of 1 Hz or better, with less than 30 kHz of daily drift at room temperature. Each system we ship has the thermal expansion of the cavity mapped out about the zero expansion temperature, to minimize the frequency drift of the laser. We can also custom design a system to your exact needs, at wavelengths ranging from the visible through the near-IR.

Monitor outputs:
PDH Error signal, Reflected power from the cavity, Transmitted power from the cavity with camera image, Vacuum pressure, Vacuum housing temperature

Monitor of turnkey frequency-stabilzed laser system


Turnkey frequency-stabilzed laser system

Complete frequency stabilized laser system, including cavity, vacuum housing, optics, laser, vibration isolated breadboard, and all electronics.